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Kids in Preschool

There is never a dull moment at our school!

Our classrooms and curriculum help our students to work together to achieve goals, become better problem solvers, and independent thinkers.


All of the Blessed Babies teachers are educated and trained in early childhood education and development. Our school and teachers use the Abeka Christian Preschool Curriculum and TNELDS to align monthly lesson plans and classroom activities with appropriate learning standards. Our teachers have passed a detailed background check and have extensive experience within childcare or education.

Colorful Paper Cutouts

Extra Curriculum

Art is an essential component of your child's early childhood education. At BBLA, each child gets to participate in Art classes with Ms. Brandea. Our Art classes are intentional, allowing students to express their feelings, ideas, and be creative at a young age. Art fosters high level thinking, problem solving, and is rich in vocabulary. Through art, students acquire and develop abilities in all areas of learning (language, literacy, numeracy, fine motor, gross motor, and social skills).

Colorful Paper Cutouts

Our Awesome Classrooms

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