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Blessed Babies Learning Academy Waitlist Policy

Blessed Babies Learning Academy currently has a waitlist for most age groups and classrooms. 


When families go on the waitlist, they should understand that there is no guaranteed spot reserved for their student(s), tuition may increase between waitlist placement and enrollment, and the waitlist fee is non-refundable and does NOT go towards enrollment fee if a spot becomes available. Spots are available based on the student’s age at the time of placement on the waitlist. If a student ages out of the initial spot they sign up for, the student will be placed back on the waitlist for the next age-appropriate classroom.

To reserve a space with your chosen early child care educator, please submit the enrollment form and payment immediately. Verbal notice of your desire to place your child in one of our classrooms will not be sufficient to hold that space open for your child.

Steps to Join Waitlist

Schedule a Tour

 1. Take a tour of our facility

Complete Waitlist Form

2. Fill out and turn in a completed BBLA intake form for your child

Pay Waitlist Fee

3. Pay a nonrefundable $75 waitlist

Waitlist Order of Priority

Your child’s waitlist position will be determined by:


  1. Sibling precedence of currently enrolled students

  2. Date of turned in and completed intake form and waitlist fee

  3. Child’s age matches an available spot

Our center will reach out to waitlisted families to let them know when a spot has become available and that family has forty-eight (48) hours to either accept or decline the spot. Families can contact the school via phone at (629) 203-6984 or email to accept or decline the spot. After that forty-eight (48) period has lapsed, BBLA will call the next family on the waitlist, based on the priority criteria detailed above.

Acceptance of a Spot

If a family accepts the spot, they must complete all enrollment paperwork which will be emailed out from BBLA. Tuition Express will auto-draft the $250 enrollment fee and full payment for the first week’s tuition the following Friday that a family accepts the spot. The child must start within 14 days that the opening is available, or the family will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist.

Decline a Spot

 If a family wishes to decline the spot, there are 2 options:


  1. The family can decline the spot and return to the waitlist, the family will be moved to the bottom of the waitlist

  2. The family can decline the spot and be removed from the waitlist

Optional Guaranteed Placement Fee

Guaranteed placement for a family is only available if there is a spot that matches the child’s age when the family reaches out to inquire about care. If a family is currently expecting, the family must let us know the exact month and year the child will start and follow the steps below:


  1. Sibling precedence of currently enrolled students

  2. Date of turned in and completed intake form and waitlist fee

  3. Child’s age matches an available spot

If a family wishes to have a guaranteed spot and skip the waitlist they must:

  1. Call BBLA to confirm an immediate opening is available. Please leave a message if no one answers and we will respond within 48 hours.

  2. Tour our facility

  3. Turn in a completed enrollment packet

  4. Pay $250 enrollment fee and first week of tuition

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